Below are some common questions our guests ask and our response

When will my vehicle arrive?

For Airport / Amtrak pickups:

It is our goal and practice to get every guest to their destination in a timely manner but we do not control airline / Amtrak schedules.

We plan for our vehicles to arrive 20 to 30 minutes after the scheduled arrival of planes. This is to allow time for passengers to deplane and get baggage. Our drivers monitor for changes to flight times however we cannot always move your pickup time for a flight that arrives early. This may result in longer wait times at the airport.

Late flights can also result in delays as we may have to move on to service other guests, before returning to pick your party up. As much as possible we will keep you informed of our ETA.

We prioritize airline arrivals over delayed Amtrak pickups, this can result in extended delays.

Non airport pickups: We understand how important it is that you get to your destination on time. We make every attempt possible to arrive a few minutes ahead of your listed pickup time. On rare occasions, especially in bad weather, our drivers may be a few minutes past the expected time. Driver will sometimes text that they are on the way, and will send a text when they arrive, unless someone acknowledges them as they arrive. Please help keep our drivers on schedule by being ready at the time and place indicated for your pickup.

How will I find my Mountain Shuttle at the Glacier International Airport?
Our Shuttles will be parked in the second set of lanes as you exit the front of the terminal. Generally, you will be better able to locate us if you exit door number 4. We have a variety of vehicles, all of them are white. Look for the Logo shown above.

Our drivers will attempt to contact you when they arrive onsite using the phone number you provide. Look for a text message. It is important that you acknowledge this message so the driver knows you are there. Driver can then let you know which vehicles they are in as well as other details to help you locate our vehicle.

If our driver does not receive a response from a passenger within 20 minutes after a plane lands, we may consider you to have abandoned your reservation and driver may find another fare. Don’t worry, once you have acknowledged that you are there, our drivers will wait while you collect baggage. We ask that you keep the driver informed if there are unexpected delays such as lost luggage.

Because we may have multiple vehicles onsite, and because our vehicles are similar to other shuttle companies, our driver may ask you to verify your name when you approach our vehicle.

Will the driver help me with luggage?

Unlike other services, our drivers are trained and expected to assist you with your luggage. In fact, we prefer if you let us load the luggage while you take your seat in the vehicle. Please make our drivers aware of heavy items or anything that requires special care.
Will this be a private shuttle?
Especially during popular times of the day, it is very possible that you will share a shuttle with one or more other parties. We minimize this as much as possible and always consider the comfort, safety and schedules of everyone when we do combine. If you do not want to be combined, please tell our agent when you make the reservation. We will not always be able to meet your request (we will let you know before you book) There is a surcharge to guarantee a private shuttle.
Should I keep you informed of flight changes and delays?
Although we do monitor flight and Amtrak arrival times, we always welcome you keeping us informed about delays.